assaultsketch.jpgPolice released a sketch of a man who they suspect is not just the man who attacked a woman at a Staten Island bus stop early Thursday morning, but may be a serial attacker who could have attacked another woman earlier this year. The latest attack occurred when a 25-year-old woman got off a bus in the Eltingville section of Staten Island at 2 a.m. Almost immediately, she was thrown to the ground, by a man described as in his 30s and with a heavyset build. The victim fought back and the attacker ran off with only her bag.

In February, a woman was similarly attacked at a bus stop and forced into the back yard of a nearby home, where she was robbed and sexually assaulted. The man did not cease his assault until the home's owner returned. Police suspect that the two men are one and the same, although the February description of the attacker described him as being in his teens, whereas the most recent account places him in his 30s.