A former Port Authority police recruit is suing after she claims she was repeatedly sexually harassed and not taken seriously because of her looks. Amanda Holley, 29, says in her suit that her bosses would call her an "American Girl Doll" and said she was too "feminine" to be an officer.

"The whole thing was obviously heartbreaking for me," Holley told the Post. "To be ridiculed and feel ashamed of the way I looked was the hardest part. I was just embarrassed and humiliated."

There was also the matter of PA Sgt. Erick Torres, her supervisor at the Jersey City academy which she entered in August 2013, telling her she'd make a real pretty corpse: "Holley, when you are killed in the line of duty, I’ll make sure you look pretty for your family,” Torres allegedly told her during a training exercise. "I do a lot of funerals for fallen cops, and I normally never look at their face, but for you, I’ll make sure you look pretty."

Torres was also responsible for the American Girl Doll jabs (“Sgt. Torres told plaintiff that he took his two daughters to the American Girl Doll store and swore that he saw plaintiff there”); when Holley’s face and lips became swollen during a pepper spray test, Torres joked that she had a "Botox" injection and called her "Angelina Jolie"; and he allegedly would make her perform squat thrusts in front of the entire platoon.

Holley was fired in December 2013 before graduating; she refused a supervisor’s request to resign after she failed a firearms course. Holley claims she was never given one-on-one instruction other female trainees received, because Torres and other supervisors didn't take her seriously as a candidate, partially because of her looks and partially because of her background as a social worker with the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

"Sgt. Torres made it appear that plaintiff did not have the gumption to do law enforcement work and should have stuck with social work solely because she was a young female," the lawsuit claims.