It's hard to muster much surprise every time we hear about a luxury midtown apartment getting busted with coke heads, weird marble sculptures, and Real Housewives of Orange County DVD sets. Those things come with utilities, right? But it's not everyday that you hear about a multi-million dollar "heroin mill" business operating out of one such luxury midtown apartment building, a stones throw away from Times Square.

In a scene out of 1974, police raided a “heroin mill” at 417 West 43rd Street last night in Hells Kitchen. Four people were arrested and 13 kilograms of heroin were seized in the bust, worth approximately $6.5 million. After a few days of surveillance, police were motivated to move-in on the location after observing one of the suspects exit the apartment with a large garbage bag, which turned out to be filled with heroin paraphernalia. Authorities released a photograph of a bunch of logos that were on wrappers for the heroin, proving the pop-culture savvy of the dealers: “Money Never Sleeps,” “Machete,” “Geico,” “Easy-Pass,” “Jersey Boys,” and "Hawaii 05."

The posh apartment the operation was using goes for $3,800 a month, and was mainly filled with decidedly non-heroin supplying residents. "If our investigators were surprised by the location, you can only imagine the shock of neighbors, commuters and theater goers when they learned of the huge criminal enterprise operating inside," Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan said in a statement. And if a heroin mill couldn't knock their monocles off, just wait till they get a look at the gauche Madoff auction.