Suffolk County police raided four bars in Long Island on Saturday night as part of targeted inspections related to the MS-13 gang and other illegal activity, according to authorities.

The arrests occurred at four separate bars in Huntington Station—Santa Rosa Restaurant, El Triunfo Taverna, Safiro Bar and La Perfecta Bar— at around 1:15 a.m. on Sunday morning, police said. Six people were arrested on various charges, including criminal possession of a weapon, criminal nuisance, possession of a gambling device, and promoting gambling.

An illicit gambling ring was also discovered in the basement of Santa Rosa, where five of the six arrests took place, police said.

The crackdown comes just one day after President Trump visited Suffolk County to deliver a speech to uniformed officers about the rise of MS-13 activity in the region. Referencing the "bloodstained killing fields" throughout Long Island, the president repeatedly promised to "liberate our towns," before endorsing police brutality. The suggestion was met with loud approval from the crowd.

Following the speech, the Suffolk County Police Department issued a response disavowing the violence-encouraging remarks, and noted that the SCPD "do not and will not tolerate 'rough[ing] up' prisoners." The International Association of Chiefs of Police, as well as some local police departments, also backed away from the president's recommendation.

A representative of the Suffolk County Police Department did not respond to a question about whether the crackdown was planned in advance of the president's speech. It remains unclear whether any of those arrested were affiliated with MS-13.