Yet again, the NYPD has launched a wide-ranging investigation into allegations of police misconduct at the Bedford-Stuyvesant 81st precinct. The allegations were made by the very same officer who recorded the conversations which ultimately exposed the use of quotas for summonses and arrests within the police force, although the NYPD still officially denies the practice. This is the third time allegations made by Officer Adrian Schoolcraft have led to major investigations into the NYPD, with the first two resulting in internal charges filed against five cops, including the takedown of Steven Mauriello, the former commanding officer at the precinct. The launch of this most recent investigation confirms Schoolcraft as the irremovable, festering thorn in the side of New York's Finest.

Deputy Inspector Daniel Carione, who is leading the newest investigation, is just "asking the same questions again," a cop told the Times. Two officers a week are being questioned at the precinct, and the conversations secretly taped by Schoolcraft are being reviewed again. As of now, it is unclear why, "after reviews by the department’s quality assurance division and the Internal Affairs Bureau," officials have ordered another investigation. But after the flurry of press and general public fury surrounding the quotas allegations, appearing to be thorough seems a more than logical top priority.

Schoolcraft is suing the NYPD for $50 million, saying he suffered retaliation by the precinct after he threw them under the great big bus of public scorn. In fact, the police forcibly removed him from his apartment last Halloween, throwing him in a psych ward against his will, two months after he filed the first allegation.