2007_08_washheights.jpgResidents of Washington Heights may be able to sleep a little easier soon. Police are talking to a "person of interest" in a pair of sex assaults where the attacker climbs up fire escapes, enters apartments through unlocked windows, and assaults sleeping women. The suspect is being investigated for incidents (possibly more) on July 19 at 4:45 a.m. and again on July 20 at 5 a.m. Both incidents occurred near West 175th Street and Broadway. In both cases, the women screamed, scaring off their attacker.

The victims, both in their 30s, described their attacker as 5'4" tall, 165 pounds, and with a clear complexion. The July 20th victim also shared the room with her 2 year-old child. Lineups are expected to be held later in the day.

The Daily News is calling the suspect "Spiderman 2" for the similarities to the case of Reginald Swinton. Swinton was convicted in May for raping three women after climbing into their apartments.