Yesterday, Detective Michael Oliver was the final police officer to testify in front of a Queens grand jury. The jury will determine whether criminal charges should be brought against the NYPD for firing 50 shots at three unarmed men, killing Sean Bell on the day before his wedding. Oliver, who had been undercover at the same Queens strip club Bell was celebrating his bachelor party, fired 31 of the 50 shots (which means he reloaded) in the street behind the club. Oliver did not reveal what he said during his 2 hours of testimony, but his lawyer allowed that it was "very emotional."

Earlier this week, four other police officers involved testified - Officer Michael Carey, Detective Paul Headley, and Detective Marc Cooper (pictured left to right, with Oliver on the far right); detective Gescard Isnora (not pictured), also testified. Isnora has spent his whole career undercover, fired the first shot as well as 10 others. The police have maintained that Isnora approached Bell's car while identifying himself and only fired when Bell allegedly rammed his car into him. Then the other officers fired, thinking they were being fired upon.

While none of the officers have revealed what they said during testimony, their lawyers and other supporters, such as union officials, have said they are relieved to testify and tell their sides of the story. The grand jury will hear from a "tactical firearms expert" on Monday and may begin deliberately after that.