2005_11_dillonstewart.jpgPolice officer Dillon Stewart (pictured) was shot in the heart by a suspected police shooter in the early hours of Monday morning and died from his wounds a few hours later. Stewart and his partner Paul Lipka had stopped a car for a traffic violation (driving with dealer plates) in East Flatbush, Brooklyn when one of the men inside fired five bullets into the unmarked police car (Stewart and Lipka were in uniform, though), and one of the bullets entered Stewart's left armpit, missing his bulletproof vest by a quarter of an inch and hit his heart. However, Stewart and Lipka kept driving for blocks, trying to chase the car, Stewart only realizing he had been shot later. Surgeons operated on Stewart for hours, but were unable to save him.

Other police officers were able to apprehend suspect Allan Cameron, who is actually wanted for shooting a police officer Weiner Philippe earlier in the month. Cameron was found with a gun at a girlfriend's house, and later Philippe identified him in a line-up. Cameron had numerous run-ins with the law and is currently on probation for a 2003 police chase. Police are still pursuing a second suspect.

The NY Times recounts how Stewart had become a police officer after being an accountant at WNYC. He lived in Elmont, Long Island, with his wife and two young daughters. NYPD bullet proof vest vendor Point Blank extended sympathies to the family, but pointed out the vests had saved other NYPD lives. And the Daily News notes that eight police officers have been shot this year, the most since 2000.