More so than Super Size Me, this incident will turn anyone off burgers at McDonald's: A police officer was served a burger with glass at a Bronx location. The officer was part of the K-9 unit, and had picked up dinner "while he took his NYPD dog for exercise on Randalls Island." After ordering the Extra Value Meal #1 at the drive-thru in his squad car, he bit into his burger and, suddenly, his mouth was bleeding. The police set up a sting at the Garrison Avenue McDonald's, which had one police officer using the drive-thru and one undercover cop inside. The undercover cop saw 18 year-old Albert Garcia spit into a sandwich meant for the drive-thru cop and they arrested him. Garcia apparently admitted he wanted to "hurt someone." McDonald's management is cooperating with the NYPD, but in the words of someone the Daily News interviewed, "That's crazy. I'm not going to eat there no more."