Police believe the man who flipped his SUV over the curb on Pacific Street, killing 13-year-old Kira Goddard, was a loan shark who was stabbed immediately before the incident in an argument over money. The man, 44-year-old Sean Lewis, would die at the hospital of his stab wounds, not of injuries incurred in the incident, the Post reports. At a press conference yesterday, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly named Kenneth Risher as the man suspected of stabbing Lewis. "It was a dispute over money and Sean Lewis was stabbed in this dispute trying to collect money owed to him by Risher," Kelly said. Risher is still at large.

Kelly also stated that Lewis "only drove a short distance" after allegedly being stabbed by Risher, "just two or three blocks." Lewis spent a total of four years in prison on robbery and drug distribution charges, and received a $1.3 million injury settlement from a dubious injury. He bought the Range Rover involved in Saturday's accident with the proceeds.