Police have raided a Long Island home in connection with its investigation of Sunday's horrific quadruple murder at a Medford pharmacy and apparently made an arrest. The Haven Drugs' pharmacist and pharmacy worker, as well as two customers, were killed execution-style by a man who left with prescription drugs. The Daily News reports, "The still unidentified man was hauled out of the Medford, L.I., home by police officers who had massed in front of the residence before barging inside."

The victims—worker Jennifer Mejia, 17; pharmacist Raymond Ferguson, 45; and customers Bryon Sheffield, 71, and Jamie Taccetta, 33—were remembered at a vigil yesterday where residents and relatives mourned the tragedy. Ferguson's wife of ten years told the News that he wasn't supposed to be working on Father's Day morning, but took the shift as a favor to the owner who wanted to go to religious services with his son. She also said that her husband, a Queens native who attended NYU and then St. John's for his pharmacy degree, was a real gentleman, "You go to school for so long to get your degree, you don't expect to be gunned down. You don't expect to go to a pharmacy and be scared... I loved his values. He was a great son, husband, uncle, pharmacist."

And Taccetta's family says that she will be buried in the wedding dress she would have worn at her October wedding to James Manzella. Manzella was waiting in a car at the shopping plaza while Taccetta, who had two daughters from a previous marriage, went to Haven Drugs to pick up a thyroid medication; because it took her so long to get out, Manzella went to the pharmacy and found the blood bath. He told the Post, "This woman was the love of my life," and he's just thinking "if I could have done something [to save her]... Can you imagine sitting there in air conditioning, listening to music, and then the next minute she's gone?" He added that he saw the suspect, "I could see the guy clearly, and now I think back if I could have done something. That's what messes with you. We were two average people trying to do the right thing, and this is what happens. It's not fair."