Many years ago, we started work on our Grand Unified Theory Of New York City Criminals, and came to one thudding conclusion: thieves and thugs LOVE wearing Yankees caps. And so it goes with a man the police say robbed a Queens bank last month. Except this suspect added a new sartorial edge to his outfit: a red wig.

The robbery on September 28th around 2:50 p.m. at the Cross County Savings Bank on Eliot Avenue near 80th Street. According to cops, the suspect passed a demand note to a teller; according to the Post, he also put his hand inside his jacket and simulated having a firearm. The teller complied, and handed him just over $6,000.

The suspect is described as having a pale complexion and thin build. He was wearing thick glasses, a red wig, a grey hoodie, and blue Yankees fisherman cap. Police also included this video that of someone who may or may not be related to the mysterious suspect: