A three-month-old baby survived falling from a second story window in the Bronx Tuesday night—but police are now trying to determine whether she was pushed by her 9-year-old brother who was home alone with her at the time. The incident happened just before 8 p.m. last night at the Edenwald Housing complex on 226th Drive. “The baby hit the AC unit and bounced onto the grass,” witness Brenda Jackson, who called 911, told the News. “She was crying, I was so happy because she was still alive.”

The baby's mother, who hasn't been identified, was outside the building when the incident occurred. “She picked up the baby and cuddled her,” Jackson said. “She went running around the building and back into the apartment — she panicked.” The baby was eventually taken to Jacobi Medical Center; the injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.

Police are still investigating the incident, and workers from the Administration for Children’s Services are questioning family members. Specifically, they are trying to determine whether the 9-year-old threw the baby out of the window, something which the children's grandmother, Gail Dubose, suggested to the News may have happened: “He needs to talk to somebody,” she told them.