Early yesterday morning, a Queens couple were fatally shot execution-style while they were sleeping in their home. Police are now investigating whether Sugrin and Rosie Jaggarnauth's 23-year-old son Shane, who survived being shot in the shoulder in the Springfield Gardens home, had anything to do with the incident. He described the attack to police as an "ambush," but couldn't describe the shooter: "You get shot and your family gets killed, and you don't see the shooter's face, blue jeans, sneakers, nothing? That just doesn't make a lot of sense," a police source told the News.

Shane told cops that he was out walking the family's pit bull, Princess, in the middle of the night when the suspect jumped him, shooting him in the shoulder and pushing his way into the home. Police suspect Shane may have taken the dog out to keep her from barking at the shooter, because the dog often slept in the couple's bedroom, the source told the News.

Before Rosie died, she called 911 to report the intruder, but was only able to whisper "help" and "hurry." The source said, "Then you hear a shot, silence and then some breathing. It was a very disturbing call."

The couple's older son, Shawn Jaggarnauth, broke down in tears at the crime scene: "My family was shot. My parents were killed. I can't believe this. This is crazy." Shawn has eight arrests dating back to 1996, including including several busts for possession of marijuana, methamphetamine pills and crack.

Sugrim, who worked for a printing company in Manhattan, and Rosie, who worked at the Home Depot just blocks away, had lived in the quiet neighborhood for over 20 years, and were set to celebrate Rosie's birthday tomorrow. "It's shocking. We're all numb. There's no justice when something like this happens. They were great people, not just good people," said neighbor and friend Harrison Williams.