According to NY1, police are looking into another possible bias attack that took place last night in Staten Island. The beating took place near 190 Burgher Avenue, across town from Port Richmond, where most of the bias attacks have taken place. One resident said, "I think it's outrageous, because generally this is a quiet community and none of that usually happens here, it doesn't usually happen here."

Sources say a Mexican immigrant was walking with two friends when he was attacked by a group. The attackers punched him while yelling anti-Mexican slurs. The victim was not badly injured, but no arrests have been made yet. Police stepped up their presence on the island, especially in the Port Richmond area, after numerous attacks against Mexican immigrants. The last attack was at the end of July, which left 18-year-old Christian Vasquez with a black eye. A recent Staten Island Advance interview with some Staten Island residents highlighted the racial tensions on the island, but one resident said, "I just moved to this's just getting too close to home now you know and something really needs to be done about it."