Last week, a driver released a video claiming he had set the record for the fastest loop around Manhattan. The driver, only identified by the name AfroDuck, went from the FDR Drive around to the Henry Hudson Parkway and back in 24 minutes. He might have gotten away with the drive at the time, but he's now caught the attention of the police: “We now have license-plate readers in the city that will assist in this type of investigation,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

"We've seen this before, people have put these videos up," Kelly added. "We've taken enforcement action as a result." For his part, AfroDuck isn't so worried: "You frankly can't identify who I am by just looking at the video and records were meant to be broken. I'll release my name a year from now," he told Jalopnik.

He added that he can regularly get around Manhattan in 24 minutes or less, and expects he can break his own record sometime soon. Afro Duck also doesn't sound too concerned about the safety of speeding around Manhattan late at night: "Being a good driver, you're more aware of what is around you. Being a fast driver doesn't mean that you're inherently a bad or reckless driver. Like I said before, I'm in control. That said, understand traffic patterns, understand what's around you and understand how others control or don't control their cars." And of course, always make sure to steer clear of that crazy guy speeding on the FDR Drive.