Cops are investigating the death of a 3-year-old Bronx girl who was found with bruises on her neck, back and arms yesterday. An unresponsive Cristal Sanchez was found by her mother's boyfriend (conflicting reports say he is the girl's stepfather) around 1:15 p.m Friday in their apartment on Longfellow Avenue, near East 167th Street. “I just heard the man screaming, ‘I can’t wake up my daughter! Oh my god, help me!’” neighbor Ana Serrano told the Post, adding that the little girl had been sick for days.

"She just started to live,” a relative at the apartment told the Daily News. “All I know is that she was sick. She was throwing up two days ago.” Cops have interviewed the girl's mother and the boyfriend, and an autopsy is currently being performed. Cristal's aunt, Pastora Noe, told NBC that her sister would not tolerate abuse and that her sister's boyfriend is not a violent person: "He was a nice guy, so that's why I'm surprised that this happened," Noe said.