Every year or so, somebody freaks out about the scourge of organized Facebook fight clubs, sending visions of floppy armed teenagers pulverizing each other's faces into the minds of parents everywhere. But while NJ high schoolers got in trouble just for uploading random fight videos to a Facebook page last year, Brooklyn police think something slightly more serious may be going on in Fort Greene: "Fight club is organized by kids on Facebook and Twitter, and then they get in a circle and they fight. And where they like to fight is by the mall," Capt. Peter Fiorillo of the 88th Precinct told DNAInfo.

The fighting is reportedly happening just behind the Atlantic Terminal mall, around a windy street near Hanson Place and South Elliott Place. Resident Stephanie Seto, who lives on the corner, says she's seen dozens of teens gather there between 3-5 p.m. to duke it out: "It's like watching Fight Club the movie with two kids getting ready to fight and a circle around them," she said.

Fiorillo said police became extra concerned after someone brought a gun and fired shots in the area on April 18th. "Fortunately no one was hit," he added, noting no one had been arrested yet and cops are still trying to monitor social media for upcoming fights. "We'll hear word of a fight and we'll follow them all day until they get to the trains and head home," he said. "When we get intelligence that something big is about to happen, we deploy there."

While we don't approve of teenage fight clubs (or any fight clubs, except perhaps those that involve overstressed finance bros punching each other in their faces), we do approve of anything that gets teens back in America's malls! It was getting mighty dark there for awhile.