2006_11_soc.JPGTwo separate sexual attacks, one in Greenwich Village and the other in the Bronx, on Sunday have left people worried. In the Greenwich Village incident, a young woman had left Society Bar and Restaurant at LaGuardia and Bleecker and was trying to hail a cab. Police now say the woman entered a dark sedan voluntarily; the Post reports that it's "unclear if the driver was someone she knew or if the man posed as a livery cab driver." One of the three men in the car raped her, before dropping her off in Midtown East.

The Post spoke to young women in the neighborhood, many of them college students, who are shocked and worried, since it's a relatively safe area with many people around. One woman said, "I like this area. It's very busy. I'm very worried now about my safety. I think every young girl should downplay her looks. Wear a hoodie or baggy pants."

And the 80 year old woman who was assaulted in the Bronx told the Daily News about her frightening experience, and frankly, it's really disturbing. The woman, who had been waiting for a bus to go to church (her second church service of the day!) thought that the man was a livery cab driver, but he locked her into the backseat and assaulted her. Bizarrely, the attacker asked for his victim's phone number and gave her what he was his number. The woman said, "It's in God's hands. Leave him to God. God does the rest."

Related: Though Greenwich Village and the Bronx are not areas served by Right Rides yet, Right Rides is a good service to keep in mind. Right Rides offers "women, transpeople and gender queer individuals a free, late-night ride home to insure their safe commute to or through high-risk areas." Right Rides serves parts of lower Manhattan, parts of Brooklyn, and Long Island City right now, and hopes to expand to more parts (including Greenwich Village) next year. If you want to volunteer, go here for more information.