Police are searching for clues in the Sunday evening murder of 18-year-old Brian Scott. Scott, known as a one of urban inline skating's "rising stars," was fatally shot at the Parkside Donut and Kennedy Fried Chicken on Flatbush Avenue, while two others were injured. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "We have no reason, at this time, to think that Brian Scott was anything but an innocent bystander. We are still, obviously, doing an aggressive investigation."

However, the Post reports that, according to some witnesses, Scott and the two other victims "had words with an unidentified male" outside the restaurant and that the gunman followed them inside, while the Daily News says that one of the victims told Scott's father "the gunman was involved in a beef with another man on a nearby corner before he showed up." Kelly described the gunman's approach, "He actually opens the door, holds the door open with his foot and fires into the restaurant" —here's surveillance video.

Scott's father and stepmother said that Scott received A's at Satellite Academy High School in Manhattan, wanted to go to college, and hoped to be a professional inline skater. You can see some videos of Scott's skating online (here's one). The NY Times noted that Commissioner Kelly referred to Scott's public persona as "Cozmik" the skater, "Obviously, more and more people are exchanging information on the Internet, Facebook. These social networks are an area that we certainly pay attention to. I think we have to."