Residents are mourning the murder of Mervyn Johnson, who ran the West Indian bakery Merv's Bakery in Crown Heights. Johnson was apparently walking from his Nostrand Avenue business back home when he was shot in the head at Lefferts and Brooklyn Avenues on Tuesday night. Police have reportedly found the gun used: WABC 7 reports, "Sources say police have surveillance video that may show the suspected killer stashing the gun on a light box on nearby Sterling Street."

Johnson had been robbed of $50 while in his apartment lobby last week, and his brother believes that's why he was killed. Alvin Johnson said, "Because he knew who was doing it...They did a job, and then they came back and finished it." Police spokesman Paul Browne said the shooting was "being investigated as a possible robbery, but no conclusions have been reached... We don't have a suspect or a motive. A robbery is obviously one thing that's being explored. The bakery is a cash business - it does a good business, too." However, Johnson's brother said that he didn't usually walk home with cash and another friend said Johnson made a deposit at a bank that night.

Johnson had run the bakery for 30 years; one customer said, "You should see the lines in there all the time. Lines out the door, just waiting for his brea," while another spoke of Johnson's generosity, "He'd give you the shirt off his back."