The death of a Mexican diplomat's four-month-old son is under investigation because the baby's death seems "suspicious."

The NYPD says that little Eduardo Rocha Ovalle was taken to NYU-Langone Hospital at 9 p.m. by his parents, diplomat Eduardo Rocha Bracamontes and his wife Gina Ximena. The baby was found to be "unconscious and unresponsive, with trauma about the body" and died around 9:30 p.m.

An unnamed official tells the Wall Street Journal that police "were called to investigate the death around 1 a.m. Wednesday after an investigator with the medical examiner’s office viewed the child’s body and deemed the death suspicious because of 'bruising on his hands, feet, back and genitalia.' " There were also reportedly lacerations on the baby's scalp and cuts on his right thumb and a toe.

Law enforcement sources tell the Post that Bracamontes had tried to stop the autopsy. "The family hired a lawyer to prevent the autopsy and take the body to Mexico," the source said. "The parents are … saying that the baby had epilepsy and that’s how he got the bruises on his back and would scratch [himself] with his hands and feet. The child had a high fever for a few days.'"

The family's apartment at 11 East 32nd Street in Manhattan is being treated as a crime scene. The super, Wanda Hernandez, told reporters that police had been called to the apartment for domestic dispute incidents (no arrests were made) and that Ximena once told a cop while crying, "He grabbed me so hard, he shook me, my husband bruised me."

The Mexican Consulate said that Bracamontes was a "consular officer," but Hernandez told the Daily News Bracamontes said he lost his job, “He said [his wife] went down to his job personally and told them about the [domestic dispute] incidents. He said it was her fault he got fired."