Though it seemed plausible, at least from a Law & Order perspective, that the murder of EMT Jason Green might be connected to the death of a pregnant woman he allegedly refused to help because he was on break, a witness says Green was shot during a fight that started over a parking spot. Police had questioned the deceased pregnant woman's twin brother—a soldier set to return to the Middle East one day after the shooting—but they say he had absolutely nothing to do with Green's murder, which happened early Sunday morning after Green and his friend couldn't get into Greenhouse in Soho.

Two women who'd been inside the club came out to meet Green and his friend, and they were all standing outside when another group of men started arguing with Green. His friend denies that a parking spot was involved in the dispute, and it's unclear how the fight started, but it ended in a parking lot across the street, where Green was getting the upper hand in a fistfight. "He was winning, and the other guy didn't like it," a police source tells the Daily News. Green, 32, was shot twice in the torso.

The assailants fled in a BMW, which the cops tracked down. According to the Post, the suspects are young men in their 20s, from Brooklyn. "It's karma, but it wasn't planned. It wasn't anyone retaliating," a police source tells the News.