2006_05_pie76.jpgThe NYPD's Mounted Unit will be ensconced near the NYPD's Tow Pound as part of a move from its current Chelsea location. The Mounted Unit was stationed at Pier 63, right at West 23rd Street near Chelsea Piers, where they had a temporary lease on a space with an indoor riding trak and stables. But the Hudson River Park Trust wanted to take the land back for further renovations, leading some to worry the police wouldn't find adequate space for the equines. The new space at Pier 76 is near West 34th Street, right by the NYC Tow Pound. Gothamist expects to hear more about police horses dealing with tourists and rambunctious sports fans around Madsion Square Garden and Penn Station.

And the NYPD is looking to increase the number of horses in the mounted unit.