Responding to an iPod mugging on Flatbush and St. Mark's Avenues, the police ended up pursuing 16 year old Javaughn Higgins. They ended up firing 22 shots at him, hitting Higgins twice (in the cheek and left leg). Police thought Higgins was armed, as the mugging victim said Higgins, along with three other suspects that had been following him, flashed a gun, but it turned out that Higgins had a pellet gun that just looked like a 9mm. However, the story got stranger when it turned out that Higgins was actually out on bail for the death of a Bengali immigrant in Borough Park - Mofizur Rahaman died from injuries after being beaten for his cellphone. The police recovered the iPod from Higgins, but the other three suspects were still at large. [Related: Gothamist on iPod robberies in the city]

The police confirmed that a man killed during a shootout outside a Brooklyn social club last weekend was in fact hit by a police bullet. It's a very confusing story, so we urge you to read the article to try to make sense of it.