Rumors started running wild this afternoon that an explosive device with possible terrorism-connections had been founding the Bronx, leading to a "heavy" police presence. According to FDNY, they responded to an incident at West 238th Street and Waldo Avenue at 2:23 p.m. this afternoon. But police just told us there was never any bomb: "It was a grenade that was rendered safe," an NYPD spokesman told us. "There's a very big difference between a bomb and a grenade."

The spokesman added that it was unknown where the grenade came from, but emphasized, "no bomb, no terrorism link." FDNY also confirmed they finished at the scene around 3:14 p.m., which is bad news for reporters scrambling to get there now.

Last year, a novelty "grenade" inside a UPS package briefly shut down 2 World Financial Center amid terrorism fears.