Investigators have not named any suspects in the execution-style murder of a Queens couple in their home early Friday morning, but police sources seem skeptical about their son's account of the slaying. Sugrim Jaggarnauth was shot once in the head, while his wife Rosie was shot "multiple times" in the head and body by the shooter, who absconded with the family car, a Toyota Rav4. The couple's youngest son, Shane, was also shot in the shoulder during the home invasion and survived; the Post reports that he'd been letting his pit bull, Princess, outside at 4 a.m. when (according to Shane) the gunman burst through the door, shot him, and ran to kill his parents in their bedroom. Now police want to know why Princess never made a peep.

Police sources tell the tabloid that Princess is "infamous in the neighborhood for being vicious and cranky," but neighbors say she didn't make a sound during the brutal home invasion. No outright allegations have been made against Shane, but the Post notes that both he and his older brother Shawn have had previous run-ins with the law. And investigators seem to think there's something Shane's not telling them—especially since Shane, 23, hasn't provided any description of his parents' killer.

Neighbors are also skeptical; one local tells the News, "The kids seemed reserved. Sometimes the ones that look reserved, you never know what's going on in their heads."