Scrutiny over the bar and restaurant, The Falls, and one of its bouncers, Darryl Littlejohn, in the murder of graduate student Imette St. Guillen continued, as police extensively searched his home. According to reports, police are trying to compare evidence from where St. Guillen's body was found as well as evidence from The Falls, which included cat hairs (some other hairs were found on the comforter St. Guillen's body was wrapped in). Some of the interesting things mentioned (from media "sources") so far:
- The Falls co-owner, Michael Dorrian, apparently told Littlejohn to remove St. Guillen from the bar because she was so drunk
- St. Guillen may have been talking wtih Littlejohn, who was in his van, outside the bar
- Littlejohn's cellphone records indicate he went home to Queens later
- His records also show he was in the vinicity of where St. Guillen's body was found in Brooklyn around 6PM Saturday
- St. Guillen's fingernails were partially torn off; Littlejohn showed pu to work on Saturday night with a scratch
- The Post essentially vilifies The Falls' owner and bartender for taking so long to "come clean over what they saw" the night St. Guillen disappeared. The Daily News says that Littlejohn was the only Falls employee not to give the police a DNA sample - but his DNA is already in the system from prior stints in jail. His aunt, Addie Harris, said, "I pray that it wasn't him. The young lady was somebody's daughter, somebody's sister."

Littlejohn has not been charged yet, but he did ask for a lawyer yesterday afternoon; the police have been holding him for parole violation. The media is so focused on Littlejohn (especially the tabloids' penchant for excess), and his extensive rap sheet and use of aliases doesn't help matters. Gothamist just hopes that if he is innocent, the media will just as widely publicize that. And one more thing - we are guessing that Littlejohn's name is being used pretty widely because he did call the Daily News before being questioned, essentially outing himself as a suspect, but WNBC made a point of saying this morning they would not use his name in their coverage (because he wasn't charged or arrested yet?). Does anyone with a legal or journalism background know why that may be? Or could it be just a station decision?