2007_07_susrapsi.jpgPolice charged a man with rape, assault, and burglary for a Monday afternoon attack on a senior citizen in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Staten Island. Julio Lainez allegedly broke into Sarah Dotwin's home while Dotwin was upstairs and her husband was at the doctor's. When she heard breaking glass, Dotwin went downstairs to investigate, only for a man to repeatedly punch her in the face and chest.

Lainez allegedly tried to choke Dotwin and had tied her up with an electrical cord from the TV. The Advance reports Dotwin gave permission for the media to use her name because she wanted her story told.

"I said, 'Oh, Lord! This is the end of my life today," Dowtin told reporters. "This guy is going to kill me and I know it.'"

She added: "I said to him, 'Is it money that you are looking for?' I said, 'Look, to save my life I will give you all the money I got in the house.' He said, 'I am not looking for money. I am only looking for sex.'"

...Neighbors saw her emerge from the house, wearing only a shirt and looking disheveled and bruised.

"I got up and untied myself and I cut myself with the scissors and I ran down the street with no clothes on," Dowtin said. "No shoes, no nothing. I didn't care as long as long as my life was saved."

Dotwin had three fractured ribs, a black eye and bruising. She told the Daily News, "I didn't fight him off, I prayed him off. I just said, 'Oh, Lord. My God. In the name of Jesus. I don't want to die a horrible death,' because he said he was going to cut me."

Police found that fingerprints in Dotwin's home matched those of Lainez, a Richmond Terrace man who pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct (related to prostitution solicitation charges) in June; Dotwin picked him from a lineup. Her husband of 44 years Andrew said, "It's a disgrace, how he came in the house...I want to break his neck. I want him to get the chair."