As scrutiny continues over the fatal police-involved shooting during a Harlem block party where 46 of the 50 bullets fired were from cops, the police have seized drugs and cash from the home of the deceased man as well as a man who survived at least 21 gunshots. The Daily News reports, "Cops searched the homes of [Luis] Soto and [Angel] Alvarez Tuesday, seizing numerous small bags of pot from Soto's apartment and $87,000 in cash along with plastic bags with what appeared to be cocaine residue from Alvarez's bedroom, a police official said."

Soto and Alvarez apparently got into a fight early Sunday morning during the crowded party at Lenox Avenue and West 144th Street. Witness accounts differ about who had a gun and whether the men were fighting over it, but at one point, a gun was fired, prompting five police officers to converge and three of them to shoot (cops say Alvarez fired at them twice). Soto died from his many wounds and it's believed a police bullet was the fatal shot while Alvarez was riddled with bullets. He told his family, "The police tried to kill me!" from his hospital bed. Alvarez's sister also says the cash was to buy a house in NJ.

Besides reexamining police officers and when they should fire, the NYPD is also reevaluating their procedures; a source told the News, "No one is saying show up at 8 and start arresting people. At some point, the party has to end. The longer it goes, the more likely you're gonna have problems. Guys are drinking, more people are showing up." But one Gothamist commenter wrote, "I watched the whole thing go down from my apartment. The crowd, made up mostly of people who were not from the neighborhood, had been out of control for hours and the police did nothing to break it up. If they had practiced better crowd control from the beginning, thing wouldn;t have gone this far."