A pit bull that was mauling a smaller dog in Inwood was shot and killed by a police officer yesterday. The other dog, a Shih Tzu, also died as a result of the mauling. Its owner told NY1,"I don't think those dogs should be allowed, they can harm people. So I don't even think they should be allowed. I love every type of dog, but you need to know how to handle your pets."

The Shih Tzu, Jada, was being walked near Nagle and Hillside Avenues in the Inwood section of Manhattan. According to the Daily News, "The raging hound bound out of a basement and went after the smaller dog like it was a piece of meat, a witness said." The witness added, "The cops just ran up, shot the dog. That’s justifiable though. That dog was in murder rage. It was going to attack. That thing, once it was in murder mode, it was in murder mode."

Jada's walker, Rafale Alvarez, tried to save the dog, but the pit bull attacked him too, "I still have blood, look. I got blood here, I got blood on my feet. I have blood all over. I kicked him, I hit him, with everything I hit him."

The NYPD is investigating the shooting. The pit bull was not on a leash, and the Post reports that its "owner wasn’t charged because he was trying to put a leash on the dog at the time."