There were reports of a shooting at Broadway and 46th Street—the heart of Times Square—and now it seems that the police shot a man who apparently fired first. The incident may have occurred near the Marriott (possibly in the parking garage).

Reader Valerio, who sent us this picture, tell us, "Spoke with someone who mentioned they saw two men started fighting, cops approached to investigate, one man pulled a weapon and was shot by the cop. Called the Marriott - Reception said an incident occurred and has been taken care of."

According to CityRoom, the shooting occurred outside the Marriott's parking garage—"A plainclothes police sergeant fatally shot a man on Thursday morning outside the parking garage of the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square during a crackdown on street vendors selling counterfeit CD’s... The authorities said the police officers were looking into reports of peddlers who had intimidated tourists with a ruse: They would approach the tourists, ask them their names, write their names on the CD’s and then demand payment of $10."

And now we're hearing the man died at the hospital.

Update 2:30 p.m.: The man shot and killed by police was a peddler. After a plainclothes sergeant on the "anti-peddler task force" tried to confront the man; NBC New York reports, "A chase then ensued and the suspect, described as a Hispanic man from the Bronx, pulled a MAC-10 sub-machine gun and fired at least twice at the officer, police officials said. One of the rounds fired by the suspect fired shattered the glass window of a nearby store."