Police investigating the murder of an off-duty EMT in Soho Sunday morning say the shooting was not connected to the EMT's infamous, alleged refusal to provide medical attention to a dying pregnant woman last year. The Brooklyn DA has been investigating Jason Green (and his partner, Melisa Jackson), but no criminal charges have been filed against them yet. The woman who died, Eutisha Rennix, had a twin brother, Eudane, who, according to the Daily News, is a soldier scheduled to return to service in the Middle East on Sunday.

Investigators say they're planning to question Eudane Rennix, but that he is not a suspect. Green was fatally shot around 5 a.m. after he and his friend were turned away from Greenhouse, the ultra-douchey nightclub that's been hit with several lawsuits accusing the owners of a racist door policy. Witnesses say Green and his friend (who was not injured) got into a fight about a block from the club. "Two guys were fighting on the corner, loudly, and the guy who got shot kicked one guy in the face," a witness tells the News. "The fight moved down the street and more people joined in. Then there were two gunshots and it was over."

According to police, Green was shot twice in the torso by a man who got out of a car at Hudson and Vandam Streets. No arrests have been made in connection with the street brawl (sources are looking into whether the fight was over a parking space) or the shooting, and NYPD sources say the gunman was not the same person involved in the sidewalk throwdown.

Eutisha Rennix's mother Cynthia told the Post, "As a mother who has been through this kind of loss, I have to feel for his family. Even though what he did to my daughter was an injustice, I am sorry for him and, especially, for his mother." Her sister, Marva, added, "We thought what he did [to Eutisha] was inhuman. But he didn't deserve [to be shot]. You have to live your life right, because when you do wrong things, life has a way of bringing bad things back to you."