Yesterday afternoon at around 4:20 p.m., a police cruiser traveling south on Broadway (between 135th and 136th Streets) struck a 79-year-old man who was crossing the street from a median. The man, Javier Jackson, was taken to St. Luke's Hospital in critical condition and was pronounced dead two hours later.

Police say the cruiser's lights and sirens were on and that the cruiser was on its way to assist another officer. (The NYPD also says that an investigation is ongoing.) According to the Post, some "witnesses said the car's lights were off, and some who knew Jackson said he was hard of hearing."

Another witness told NY1, "He was on top of the car. Then the lady, she was driving it, then when they stopped then he fell... She was just hysterical. She was crying, and she's going through it. It was a mistake, but she should've slowed down at the intersection."