2006_03_comkelly.jpgPolice Commissioner Ray Kelly decided to put a rest to many leaks and give the news himself: Blood found on ties that were in binding the hands of murdered graduate student Imette St. Guillen matches the DNA of Falls bouncer Darryl Littlejohn. The Brooklyn DA's office is going for a grand jury indictment this week, and Littlejohn has been in police custody for almost a week for parole violation, which is why the NYPD hasn't pressed charges against him yet - he's "not going anywhere." St. Guillen's family, though, isn't commenting until Littlejohn is formally charged.

2006_03_dlittlejohnphoto.jpgSome police investigators are still being wary, given that most of the evidence is circumstantial; one told the NY Times that while the DNA evidence is there, "It doesn't say he killed her. He came in contact with her body." The police are still looking into the possibility Littlejohn was involved in other sex crimes in Queens and Nassau County, though one victim was unable to ID him in a police lineup last week. His neighbors in Jamaica, Queens, are still shocked over these allegations, as Littlejohn seemed very quiet, though he did suggest another neigbhor become a bouncer, too. And Littlejohn's lawyer defending in one of the other sex crimes also says that he did not learn about the DNA evidence until yesterday's press conference; as he's officially a prime suspect, we imagine Littlejohn will be getting a lawyer in the St. Guillen case.

While the Daily News is touting how it's "on the case" in its print editions, the NY Times goes a little broader with a City section article about other crimes that riveted the city (yes, they are mostly white victims) and today's Joyce Purnick column about the lack of attention for the Classon Avenue double murder of two Chinese immigrants (Times Select only).