2005_12_pennstation.jpgPolice presence around Penn Station will be increased during the holidays. Not just because of possible terrorist threats, but because Police Commissioner Ray Kelly thinks there are too many panhandlers lurking around. While being driven by Penn Station, he was outraged by the number of beggars outside. And the NYPD spokesman said, "The police commissioner expects the police department to keep it free from panhandling." The NYPD will work with homeless services groups, though they have clashed in the past. One homeless man told the Daily News he noticed the NYPD's restrictive stance, saying, "I don't know what's going on this week. It's like President Bush is in town." Forget Bush, it's Commissioner Kelly, who at this point might be more powerful that the Commander in Chief. Hmm, we hope that Commissioner Kelly gets angry at people who don't scoop their dogs' poop next, because that impacts our quality of life a lot more.

Links: The city's Department of Homeless Services, plus advocacy groups Coalition for the Homeless and the Bowery Mission.