The robbery suspect who made a dramatic escape from the back of a cop car has been caught. According to the Times, Janine Power, 28, of Brooklyn, was recaptured Saturday afternoon at a gas station on Coney Island Avenue and Avenue P with alleged accomplice Anthony D'Angelo, 41, of Staten Island. She wasn't wearing her handcuffs anymore: “How can you escape wearing cuffs? Once they put you inside the car, how can you get out?” asked Abdul Rehman, the weekend attendant at the gas station where the suspects were caught. “She must be a genie or something.”

Power, who had a prior brush with the law for the sale and possession of illegal drugs, had been arrested on Thursday afternoon after allegedly robbing a cab driver of $30 and his cell phone. She was being transported from the 60th Precinct to central booking in downtown Brooklyn when she managed to pry open the door to the police car at the intersection of Stillwell and Neptune Avenues. She fled the car in handcuffs—another prisoner in the backseat did not. “They don’t know how she got out of the car,” said Detective Brian Sessa, a police spokesman.

She was allegedly aided by D'Angelo; according to the Times, witnesses identified D’Angelo and Power as having stolen a 1996 Buick early Saturday. Police tracked the two around Coney Island and were able to capture them easily. D’Angelo is being charged with grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, hindering prosecution and obstructing governmental administration. Power is also being charged with grand larceny, as well as escape. “You can’t just escape and nothing happens to you,” Detective Sessa said. “It’s illegal to escape.”