Mark Madoff may have been sued for taking an estimated $66+ million, thanks to his dad Bernie's massive Ponzi scheme—but he's still got enough cash to pay for a night at the SoHo Grand. According to the Post, Madoff spent the night there after getting into a "bitter" fight with his wife, who eventually called the police because she was worried about his disappearance!

The Post says that Madoff "stomped out [of his Mercer Street apartment] and stalked across the street to a parking garage, where he hopped on a Vespa scooter he keeps there and sped off, sources said. Hours later, at about 1:30 a.m., a worried Stephanie called cops to report him missing. When Mark reappeared at his SoHo residence yesterday morning, he told Stephanie he had spent the night at the nearby Soho Grand Hotel after checking in under a different name and paying cash, according to sources."

Madoff, who isn't talking to either of his parents, has apparently been "prone to depressive mood swings and physical ailments, including stomach troubles." Well, sure, your dad admits to running the biggest scam the world has ever seen, you're probably going to have some problems. But that's nothing when you're demanding, along with your brother, $90 million in deferred compensation from your dad's fraudulent firm!