2006_08_policeacad.jpgBridezillas are bad, but this wanna-be groom takes the cake. Recent Police Academy recruit Kabeer Din tried to hire a hit man to kill his girlfriend. Din, who transferred to NYC after recently graduating from Baltimore's police academy, wanted to get married sooner while the girlfriend wanted to wait. The scheme was revealed when Din asked for help in finding a killer - the man he asked to help set him up with a hit man told the police. So the NYPD worked with the Suffolk County DA's office - Din lives on Long Island - on a sting: A Suffolk County detective posed as a hit man while Din made a deposit of $200 (any more than that would look suspcious) and a credit card on the $3,000 hit.

Din was charged with conspiracy to commit murder. The Daily News reports that his uncle, an NYPD cop, recommended his nephew for the force (but his aunt told the reporter she never heard of him). The NY Times says his fellow police officers in Baltimore were surprised, but one who recently spoke to him said, “He told me how things were going with the academy in New York. It was tougher. In New York, you have to study more than here.”