Police have arrested three current and former Continental airline employees in connection with a massive cocaine smuggling plot. Authorities seized over 125 kilograms of cocaine cumulatively over the course of their investigation, smuggled into the country in Newark Airport by the three. Jeez, why did we buy that brand new coke-smuggling sub if it's just going to sit in the garage untouched all summer?

Yunior Lopez, 25, of Elizabeth, NJ, Amaurys Caminero, 29, of Linden and Kerlwin Taveras, 27, of the Bronx, N.Y., were all charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Officials said the three men were the northern connection of a smuggling operation that dates back at least to March 2009. The cocaine was put aboard flights in the Dominican Republic, usually packaged in gym bags with hand-written luggage tags that indicated they had been checked at the departing gate, then picked up by Lopez and Caminero at the airport.

Police made five seizures in the course of the investigation; the latest bust netted 47 kilograms of cocaine this past Saturday. If found guilty, the defendants faces a mandatory minimum penalty of 10 years in prison. Even if they couldn't find the keys to the sub, couldn't they at least have stashed the coke in delicious chocolate?