On Friday morning, two women were executed and the Chinatown apartment they were in was set on fire. Police have now identified the two victims: 70-year-old Xiao L. Li, who was shot once at close range, and 36-year-old Yong Hua Chen, who was shot in the right eyebrow and left eyeball. And police now believe the two may have been involved in the sex trade.

Sources told the Post that the apartment building at 83 Henry Street is a known prostitution location. After shooting the two women, the suspect then started fires in the bedroom and kitchen of the first floor apartment around 10:30 a.m. Witnesses told cops they saw a young Asian man wearing gloves, despite the sweltering heat, fleeing the building after the fire was ignited.

Neither woman actually lived at 83 Henry Street—Li lived on Bayard Street, and Chen lived in a different building on Henry Street. According to World News, Li has a son and daughter. Cops are still looking for surveillance video, and the investigation is ongoing.