Yes, a third grader! WABC 7 reports that a 10 year-old student was arrested - and handcuffed - yesterday after an incident at P.S. 116 in Bushwick. Per WABC: "...the female custodial worker reported that she felt the child rubbing his privates against her in the cafeteria, allegedly squeezing against her buttocks as she was emptying the trash." And apparently the NYPD is allowed to handcuff minors, no matter how young 10 years old may be, for "unwanted touching." This story is so crazy but it also doesn't seem that uncommon (though the unwanted touching may be among students) as children do seem to develop faster (hormones in foods?) and they are constantly shown how being an adult (TV, movies, video games) is glamorous. The student has been suspended for three days while the school investigates the matter.