A man suspected of raping a woman inside an East 90th Street apartment after breaking through a window was arrested yesterday. Jason Quinones, 21, was charged with rape and burglary.

The incident took place early Saturday morning in a first floor apartment. Neighbors heard the victim, a 27-year-old woman, screaming in the hallway. Another neighbor who lives right next door said, "It was loud. I heard it two times and I woke up cause I’m a light sleeper and I heard it two times." According to the Daily News, "Quinones - who records show has prior arrests that include assault and trespassing - was later identified by DNA evidence left at the crime scene, sources said. Cops collared him at his E. 100th St. home about 9 a.m. yesterday, police said." The Post describes Quinones as a "drug peddler on parole."

The building super told WCBS 2 that the victim is "a very nice girl. I mean she just moved in and she’s a sweetheart. I hope everything’s fine with her, you know? When did she move in? Maybe a month ago not even."