Police have charged 31-year-old Richard Mitchell for the murder of teenager Genice Clark. Clark was shot outside the Stapleton Houses in Staten Island, and family members believe she intervened in an argument taking place within a group of peers and was shot as some form of payback. Now the family says they believe it was Mitchell, a distant relative of Clark's, all along. Clark's mother Karen Jones told the Daily News, "We knew it was him the whole time. It makes me feel good they caught him. I feel much better."

Mitchell was welcome in the family's home according to Clark's uncle. He says they called him "nephew," but now he hopes he is sentenced to life. Mitchell's lawyer says he was at the scene when Clark was shot, but was not the one who fired, and ran away with everyone else after he heard shots fired. Law enforcement sources say Clark had stood up to Mitchell's cousin in an argument. The cousin allegedly called for help, and Mitchell responded by firing a shot into the crowd, which hit Clark in the stomach.

Clark's uncle, Edward Anderson, said, "I want him to spend the rest of his life thinking about what he did. It's been very hurtful for us. We're a close-knit family and Genice was the most positive one who was really trying to make something of herself." Mitchell was arraigned yesterday and is currently being held without bail.