Last year, Rebekah Johnson went on the lam after allegedly shooting the leader of a Staten Island commune. Over a year later, police found Johnson after she got off a train in Philadelphia yesterday morning. Johnson, who had dodged the authorities after the shooting, was tracked down after she "bought a car in Delaware using her real name, and opened a post office box in nearby Cherry Hill, N.J." per the Post. And the final tip came when a subway rider in Philadelphia recognized her from America's Most Wanted.

On May 28 of last year, Johnson allegedly waited in the bushes outside one of the homes belonging to Ganas, a commune in Staten Island. When she saw Ganas co-founder Jeffrey Gross walking home (from a screening of An Inconvenient Truth), she allegedly shot him three times; police later found target practice silhouettes in her home. Johnson had a rocky history with Ganas: She sued the commune for $3 million, claiming she was kicked out for refusing to have a lesbian relationship, and had been previously arrested for harassing Gross and accusing the commune of forcing marriages.

Gross told the Staten Island Advance he felt "exuberance" after hearing about Johnson's arrest. Gross, who had moved away from the commune in case his presence would present a risk for other members, isn't sure if he'll return: "It certainly opens up a lot of doors that weren't opened before. I have a lot of options."