A man who raped two women was arrested and will arraigned today by the Queens DA's office. Eric McCoy had posed as a cop and threatened the women by saying he would arrest them in order to intimidate them. From the DA Richard Brown's press release:

District Attorney Brown said that, according to the criminal charges, at pproximately 5:00 p.m. on December 4, 2006, the defendant approached a 27-year-old woman as she exited a bus in the vicinity of Rockaway and Sutphin Boulevards, produced an I.D. card and identified himself as an investigator. As he questioned her, the defendant allegedly took the victim’s bag and planted a packet of what appeared to be marijuana in the bag. When he pulled out the packet, the defendant placed the victim against a wall and spoke into a black walkie-talkie – giving her the impression that he was talking to other officers. When she began to panic, the defendant allegedly told the victim that he would take out his gun and shoot her if she moved and informed her that she was in serious trouble and subject to arrest. At this point, the defendant allegedly told her that he was taking her in for questioning at a surveillance room where other officers were stationed.

McCoy took the woman to a motel room where he raped her. Then, on January 2, he approached one teenage girl, who managed to get other help, but two hours later, he threatened and raped a 17 year old.

Police found McCoy when one of the victims remembered he called himself "Investigator McCoy." McCoy had served 13 years in prison (under a different name) for rape and kidnapping after pleading guilty to stalking a woman on the F train 1993. DA Brown said, "This case is a reminder for people to make certain that anyone calling themselves a law enforcement officer – especially if they are not wearing a uniform – shows official identification.”

Police are also looking for help in finding a suspect in a Bronx rape that occurred on Wednesday; they have released a sketch.