2006_09_safe.jpgThe police have charged one of three men involved in a Borough Park home invasion robbery. A pair of robbers had entered Wolf and Sarah Sicherman's home through a back window on Monday night. They cut the electricity, tied the couple up (threatening them with boxcutters), and made Wolf Sicherman open up his safe. The safe had not only jewelry but cash, because Sicherman was going to buy an apartment building the next day, and the robbers got away with over $200,000. But not before thanking Sarah Sicherman for being so nice during the robbery. Were they trying to be the "Thank You" robbers?

A neighbor had written the getaway GMC Yukon's license plate number (the getaway car was driven by a third person), and police found it belonged to the mother of Joseph Fiel of Gravesend. It's unclear if Fiel was a robber or the getaway driver. Newsday reports that the police "believe the suspects could have been tipped off by contractors who recently did work inside the Sichermans' home that the couple had money," though the robbers may have been drawn to it by its "upscale appearance."