2006_02_subwaypush.jpgPolice have arrested three people suspected of beating a man and then pushing him down a flight of subway stairs - leaving him in a coma. WABC 7 said that one of their viewers called in the tip after the police released surveillance images of three men who live on Cherry Street: Sean Morales, Rodney Hopkins, and Jeffrey Valerrio, ages 17-22. Police say the three tried to rob Gary Schultz, who had just cashed a check at a check-cashing location in Chinatown. But when Schultz refused to give up his money, they attacked him, punching and kicking him on the ground, then throwing his body down the East Broadway F stairs. Schultz has been in a coma since the attack on February 7. The three had been in the check cashing location, trying to get money for a Metrocard; it's unclear whether or not they took Schultz's. The Post says that the three may be trying to claim self-defense, saying that they were scared Schultz had a gun. Okay, if someone has a gun, you run, you don't beat them into a coma.