A man who allegedly "encroached" on a seated subway rider's space and then spat on and hit her, was arrested for the assault, police say. And the suspect allegedly made racist remarks as well.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, September 12th, during the evening rush hour. According to the NYPD, a 34-year-old woman was on an E train on the way to the 7th Avenue station in Manhattan when "an unidentified male sat beside the victim, a 34-year-old female. The victim stated to police that a verbal dispute began when the unidentified male encroached upon her as he sat and she asked for a moment to readjust herself."

A police source confirmed that during the argument, the suspect yelled, "Just because you’re African American, you think you can go on your Kanye West rant, you black b---h," as the Post reported.

When the victim got up to leave the train, authorities say the suspect allegedly "spit on the back of her head. Upon arrival at 7th Avenue, the victim and the unidentified male detrained to the platform. The victim attempted to stop the unidentified male by grabbing his backpack and he then punched her in the shoulder, spit in her face, boarded the northbound E Ttain and fled."

The victim refused medical attention. Police arrested Manhattan resident Abel Adames, 38, and charged him with assault.