Michael Stewart, a former Bronx resident who was suspected of murdering his girlfriend 23 years ago, was arrested last night according to police.

Stewart's alleged crime dated back to September 20th, 1993, when police and EMS found 22-year-old Sofia Blair dead in a Bronx apartment with a gunshot wound to the head. According to police, Stewart and Blair were in a relationship, and the then-33-year-old drug dealer wanted Blair to flee the country with him. When she refused, Stewart allegedly shot her and left Blair, and their still-living infant son, in their Bronx apartment on Creston Avenue.

Stewart then fled the country, on a flight to Jamaica. The investigation into Blair's murder was re-opened in 2014, when police learned that Stewart may have re-entered the country under a false name. According to the Daily News, the State Department also helped track Stewart down to Connecticut, where he had recently been arrested for identity theft. Stewart was extradited to New York following a police interview, and faces a charge of murder in the second degree.